What is Web 3.0? – The Evolution of Internet

Most of you have heard about the buzz for Web 3.0 around the internet but is it really a fizzy thing to look upto? People usually talking about this future web evolution which no one really knows when it is coming or how it is taking over the current scenerio, because no one can predict the future right? But as you came here let’s see what Techsmoker have to tell you about it.

Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 ? Explained briefly.

Before coming directly to Web 3.0 let’s just find out what is Web 1.0 and Web 2.0? As like humans we do have generations like father then a son, similarly in web world these webs are just generations which are gradually growing and improving years after years.

Starting with Web 1.0 -this was the starting of the internet world (1989-2005) where people using internet used to visit any web page and read it, there were not many search engines not many websites either. Web 1.0 was totally based on Read-Only static.

Coming to Web 2.0 this generation was a major change in this internet circle. People not only able to read the date given on web page but even able to write and change it also, we got many social media destinations to interact with the world from a person who is thousand miles away. The list of advancement doesn’t end here, we started to shop, sell and pay on the internet, So many search engines to provide endless data on the internet, relatable data showing for a particular user. All these advancements and many more were a part of this web2.0 which is still running by the way it is still not over. Web 2.0 usually came with Read-write as well as interact static.

Here, we can see the difference clearly between these two generations of the internet, Web 2.0 came with more enhancement power and more engaging as well as connected with the users around the internet as compared to web 1.0 which was just a start. It’s time to go to the upcoming future now, i.e. Web 3.0.

WEB 3.0

This upcoming web technology or the future internet is called by different names such as Decentralized web, Semantic web and Blockchain web. Also getting popular because of the adaption of Metaverse. This web is said to be much more advanced, secured and more trusted than web 2.0 which is the current generation of web. The future of web will be more focused on being a decentralized network and will be following the blockchain technology. Yes, our upcoming internet is privacy conscious such as us.

Confusion among people is present about how decentralized internet will be an advantage? Clearing this matter out, decentralized internet means no owner of a particular platform. For an example, if we’re using a social media network we are providing the information but still someone else (Platform owners) has a control of it and basically owns it ,and our information may shared without even informing. But, in a decentralized internet we’ll be able to control all our information ,only we’ll be the owners of the content. Our information will totally be secure, our privacy will not be compromised. I hope now the question is cleared.

AI technology will be more enhanced and advance in this web 3.0 as artificial intelligence will be it’s one of the major pilar of this internet. We have already experienced how AI is performing efficiently even as of now, we can just imagine what level it could reach in this upcoming change .

How it may affect the Cryptocurrency market or Crypto world?

All the innovations or future advancements which will be launched in respect to blockchain and decentralized technology will be accessible through cryptocurrency also, facts also say all the projects which will run will be having their own utility tokens. If these projects will perform good and positively then it will have a good impact on web 3.0 which will gradually affect crypto market in a positive way. This must be the reason why today some of the crypto market projects and coins are considered as great potential value asset for future. Some of them are known as POLKADOT, CHAINLINK, BITTORRENT, HELIUM and many more.

To sum it up , this web will bring us a clean environment of internet by providing the individual to become the owner of one’s information and time. This decentralized blockchain network will allow the user to own and make good of their time spent and data provided .This will end the way of making profits of centralized authorities, giant network owners by using the information which they gather from others.

If you ask me, I will still say this is a futuristic technology which we are going to adapt or not even this is not confirmed yet. Everything contains some positives as well as negatives this can also have a lot many disadvantages which will be discovered in future only. One thing which should also be in our minds that all this information which are around the internet or anywhere about this technology are not coming from a trusted verified source or something. If any of this is happening it should be taken or adapted in a good manner only , change is only good if it is giving good results.

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