9 Awesome PUBG Tips And Tricks

PUBG is one of the greatest epic mobile game of the 21st century.

Probably, there is anyone who hasn’t heard about this game. Due to its amazing gameplay millions of people play it on a daily basis.

Are you one of them?? Yes, of course, that’s why you came here.

Players are competing with each other to get virtual chicken dinner.

All the games have their own rules and regulation and you can use some tricks as well without violating the law means it is legal.

So, Here’s the 9 PUBG tips and tricks you can use them to get chicken dinner easily –

Pay Attention To The Map


This PUBG will take some appropriate games to learn the layout of some areas of the map, let the whole thing go alone.

Once you’re used to the landscape, Make sure you are focusing on the minimap and keeping an eye on the dwindling play area.

In gameplay, the only protected area is within the “circle”.The Circle will start to shrink in selected times during the match and if you stay outside of it for a long time you will eventually die.

The damage will increase in electrified blue area with the shrinking of the circle.

Hide And Peek

Using Scope in the game
Looking Through Scope

If a person reaches you on your chest, then you are almost going to end – especially if you are looking through a scope at the same time.

Keep an eye on your minimap and surroundings before hitting the floor, and when they lie down, do not be afraid to flank your opponents.

When getting out in the open, take advantage of the edges of buildings for rocks and covers can be a more secure option.

Vehicles are better and safe.

Vehicles are around each game, but you will find them mostly near major cities and on the main roads.

Both motorcycles and buggy are great for zipping for the next play area, but this will make you relatively exposed.

A Large vehicle like a jeep is slower than the motorcycles and buggy, but the jeep is safer also good for carrying all four players.

Attack Within The Range

Game image

Knowing that when you are in range, you will do some practice for the full newcomers, if you have any experience with PvP shooters, then you already have a proper understanding of the basics.

Sometimes rifle with a scope is better than snipers, but some guns are only useful in specific circumstances.

If you are shooting a far enemy, otherwise Tommy Gun quite strong, what you are doing is removing your situation which is a fatal mistake.

PUBG Landing

jumping from plane in pubg tips and tricks
PUBG Landing

In general, you want to chase for the best loot locations in that game map, on which you are playing, also avoiding as many other players as possible.

The Game has some particular area where had the best weapons and armor such as power plant, military base, and other various major towns.

Once you jump out from the plane, make your eye on the flock of other players going to one place and just avoid some areas like plague.

Buildings will look like white blocks on the map, so make sure that you are moving in the right direction or not.

Squad Communication

squad winning image

The Attack in numbers is much safer than splitting, but equally, you will need to keep your distance from the colleagues from time to time to flank the opponents and keep a comfortable point.

The PUBG mobile supports voice chat using your device’s speakers and microphone, you will have to enable in Setting.

You can even choose your language while communicating with your squad.

If you want to be absolutely quiet, make sure to use the built-in quick chat feature at least. It lets you send messages like “Enemies ahead” or “I’ll cover you” at the tap of a button.

Royal Pass Rewards

Royal pass image tips and tricks
Royal pass

As the game features Royal Pass like a Fortnite with loads of rewards to you take up the rank.

The basic version of the Royale Pass is free, while the Elite Royale Pass costs the game’s currency.

There is also a more expensive version “Elite Pass Plus” which immediately grants 25 ranks and some other gifts.

You can also get experience and BP cards to receive rewards, as well as get flat bonuses of UC or BP for taking new cosmetics in the store.

Auto- Adjust Graphics

Graphics setting
Auto-adjust graphics

This trick will help definitely help you if your smartphone quickly discharges or if your phone has low RAM.

Go to the Settings>>Graphics here you will select a style according to your choice but you can also enable auto-adjust graphics so whenever your phone gets slow down.

It will automatically adjust your game graphics. So that you won’t suffer.

Use Painkiller And Drinks Wisely

pubg tips and tricks
Health kit

While picking up the health items, go for the drinks and painkiller because other items won’t heal you after 75% of your health.

Only med-kit can heal you up to 100% but you won’t find it everywhere. So, If you’ve enough time take painkillers with energy drinks.

This PUBG tips and tricks will maximize your health and gives you the opportunity to perform effectively.

Red Zone

danger red zone
Red Zone

Suppose you are in a red zone and fortunately you are inside a building.

No one wants to stay in the red zone, you can use this point as your benefit if you are inside a building.

Your opponents who are not in buildings they will move to go out from red zone or go inside a building.

So, the one thing you’ve to do is keep an eagle eye around yourself to find out them and when you find them you can attack them easily.

Hope you like these PUBG tips and tricks .

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