Nokia 4.2 black variant

Nokia 4.2 Price & Specifications

Nokia 4.2 black variant
Nokia 4.2 (Black)

HMD Global, which holds the right to manufacture and sell Nokia branded handsets, recently launched the Nokia 4.2 smartphone in India. The new Nokia smartphone offers stock android, and the phone is equipped with a dedicated Google Assistance button and a power button which doubles as a notification light.

Nokia 4.2 launched in India only in 3GB + 32GB of RAM and internal storage variant. Moreover, the Nokia 4.2 device has been price at Rs. 10,990.

The new Nokia phone receives twisted glass design curved from siblings in the current Nokia line up. Nokia 4.2 is launched in two color options: Black and Pink.

Design & Quality:

Nokia 4.2 has a curved edge and got 148.95mm long, 71.30mm wide and 8.39mm thick. It has a lightweight, and the weight of the Nokia 4.2 is just 161 grams. The Smartphone has notch display, and it also got thin bezels on the sides and thick bezels on the top and chin.

It fits well in the palm and doesn’t slip from the grip. The size of the Smartphone is compact, which allows it to fit very comfortably in your pockets too.

Design Of Nokia 4.2

At the top side of the display lie 8MP front camera and the earpiece. The design and build quality of the Nokia 4.2 is good. If look and design are an important deciding factor, then this phone should be on the buyer’s wish list.

Nokia 4.2  bottom display
bottom Design

At the bottom side of the display lays the Nokia logo at the center of the chin. The top bezel is about 4mm thick while the bottom chin has got about 1 cm thick and the side bezels are about 2mm thick.

Thickness of Nokia 4.2
Nokia 4.2

The left edge of this phone got the SIM tray, which has accommodated two nano SIM cards and a microSD card of the 400GB simultaneously. The phone also features a dedicated Google Assistant button below the SIM card slot, which might come handy for people those who the Virtual Assistant regularly.

Nokia 4.2 price right thickness
Nokia 4.2

On the right edge of the phone lie volume rocker buttons and the power button. At the top edge of the phone has got a 3.5mm headphone jack and a secondary noise cancellation microphone, whereas the bottom edge of the phone carries two speakers, a micro-USB port and a primary microphone.

Camera of nokia 4.2

The rear side of the phone is equipped with a dual camera setup which is 13MP+2MP and a LED flash in the upper middle. Moreover, the fingerprint scanner lies below the rear camera, with the Nokia logo below the fingerprint scanner.

The back portion of the phone is not carrying any texture, or it is a shield. This model is a simple black plastic back that has been given a glass finish to mimic the glass back. The Nokia 4.2 looks and feels premium, but that also comes with a downside.

The rear glass panel quickly raises fingerprint marks and dust particles, and this was especially highlighted on our black review unit. Also, Nokia does not ship a protective case in the retail package so that you’ll have to buy separately.


Display of nokia 4.2

The Nokia 4.2 has 5.71-inch HD+ IPS LCD with a screen resolution of 720 x 1520 pixels with 19:9 aspect ratios. The phone has an excellent pixel density of 295 PPI, which gives out clear, distinct, and crisp display quality with the screen protected by a 2.5D glass.

The Nokia 4.2 contains a bezel-less display with a notch. The display is a bit reflective but looks like icon sharp and striped. The viewing angle is also excellent because there was no change in the colors of the screen. There is an Adaptive Brightness feature in this Smartphone, which initially did not adjust as per the surroundings.

However, later, it started functioning fine. A Night Light feature has also been provided to reduce Blue Light emissions. It can be set from sunrise to sunset or on custom time, and it works fine.


Internally, the Nokia 4.2 is powered by an Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 chipset based on the 12nm architecture and paired with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of inbuilt storage with expandability up to 400GB via a micro SD card.

The Nokia 4.2 has 5.71-inch HD+ display which renders slightly washed-out colors and has sub-par viewing angles. Everyday performance of Nokia 4.2 is modest, but at some point, the phone doesn’t show any significant signs of lagging while launching or switching between apps and games.

But it tends to skip a few frames while drawing and animating certain elements. If we have a look over competitions, someone can easily find phones that offer better displays with higher resolutions and wider viewing angles as well.

However, on the positive part, there is an Adaptive Brightness option for automatic brightness adjustment. The Night Light mode can be enabled for a more comfort providing screen viewing experience at night. The phone’s performance is a bit or minor slow if you’re opening an app or loading any app or scrolling through social media apps like Twitter or Facebook.

The Nokia 4.2 runs on the Android 9 software out of the box. With tons of optimizations, combined with the worthiness of stock, the entire user experience is sleek as silk.The Nokia 4.2 not made for keeping large gaming files. In this device, you can switch between lightweight apps, but as mentioned above the switch experience would be a little bit sluggish.

This phone comes with an Android One experience. The phone is boosted up with the latest Android version. Latest Android 9 Pie’s gesture navigation feature is enabled by default. There is no way to go back to the three-button system from previous versions and no bloatware installed.

Internet browsing is sleek, and the new tab opened and closed without any disturbance. Games can also be played such as Real Racing 3, and of course, PUBG as it is a new trending game of youth. As further, we talk in terms of security of the device, there is a fingerprint scanner placed at the back of this design phone which works well. And there is a face unlock feature too which is also good, but sometimes it can be a real struggle in a dim or low light environment.


The Nokia 4.2 run games like Asphalt 9 and PUBG on low graphics. While playing Asphalt 9, occasional stutters and input lag has been noticed. It is worth noting that the Nokia 4.2 does not come with a gyroscope sensor, which means you cannot use the feature in PUBG as well.

Nokia 4.2 is not for playing games, and if you are a game lover, then this phone is not for you.

Test of smartphone

As far the benchmarks go, Nokia 4.2 scored 79,142 in AnTuTu and managed 896 and 3,289 points respectively in Geek bench 4’s single-core and multi-core tests.


dual camera of Nokia

Speaking of the camera of Nokia 4.2, this phone has a set of dual camera decently placed on the back above the fingerprint sensor which offers 13-megapixel primary cameras with a pared 5-megapixel secondary camera for deep sensing. The primary rear cameras are adequately bright and colourful, but it contains the unwanted effect of yellow light.

Model look

Daylight images are decent comparing with night clicks. On the front, the Nokia 4.2 has 8-megapixel selfie camera. The camera has all essential features and modes on the bottom way like Photos, Videos, Pro, and Live Bokeh.

However, photos taken indoor tends to disappoint as it appears hazy, noisy, and even a bit blurry. No matter how steadily you held the phone, you would struggle to capture one clear picture. The optional beautification filter adapts the appearance of faces by lighting skin color, enlarging eyes, thinning jawline, and smoothening skin.

But there is no skin whitening by default, which is always greeting. There are many photos which little parts of the forefront gist are blurred too. But they are not visible at first glimpse. Photo taken in low lights are notable noisy and blurred. And it is tough to get a clear and steady snap short at once. You have to go for 3-4 takes to get a beautiful, bright and steady picture.


The Nokia 4.2 has a 3000 mAh power non-removable lithium-ion battery, lasts for 9 – 10 hours, which may be not sound much, but according to this phone, it is sufficient. I had experience by using social media, browsed the web, made some phone calls, played some videos on YouTube, and of course, we played games around half an hour or more.

It is noticed that the capacity of the battery is low. User also had some other tests, and there noticed that the phone’s battery lasts only for 9 – 10 hours while it took two to three-and-half to get fully charged.

The phone battery is good but not up to the mark. However, when it comes to the range of this product, you can expect to get a full day’s worth of battery life from this mid-range.

Pros and Cons:


  • The phone has attractive, compact and premium design.
  • Android stock is impressive.
  • This model has a good battery life under this range.
  • Affordable price tag.


  • There is no USB support.
  • The camera could have been better, average cameras.
  • They feature the old generation micro USB port.
  • The hardware is sensitive, isn’t meant for intensive tasks.


The Nokia 4.2 price is a good phone that you find around Rs 10,000. The phone surely has decent looks and feels good while holding in hand. The glass design which is combined with some very eye appealing color. And the stock Android experience gets appreciated by many people.

With that being observed, this phone isn’t the fastest phone that you can get compared to lower-priced rivals such as Redmi Note 7 and Realme 3. The Nokia 4.2 is low key, and it does not even offer a great set of cameras. Nokia 4.2 price is affordable.

The Nokia 4.2 could have been much more, better under this mid-range price. The biggest competition for Nokia 4.2 price is its siblings called Nokia 5.1 Plus. Nokia 6.1 plus and last but not the least Nokia 7 Plus.