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9 Awesome PUBG Tips And Tricks

PUBG is one of the greatest epic mobile game of the 21st century. Probably, there is anyone who hasn’t heard about this game. Due to its amazing gameplay millions of people play it on a daily basis. Are you one of them?? Yes, of course, that’s why you came here. Players are competing with each …

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5 Best Football Games For Android Users

Playing football with your feet is one thing but playing football with your heart is another thing. We all are crazy about football. Have you tried playing football with technology?? How it feels?? How many developers are trying to give you a real experience about the game?? So, Here we came with 5 best football …

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10 Best 3D Games For PC You Should Take A Look

10 best 3d games for pc – Take a look 10. Jump Force Jump Force is a crossover fighting game developed by Spike Chunsoft and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.  Game is for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. When real-life world clashes with many of the Sean Jump Universities, humanity is invaded by “Venomes”, which is the army …

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Best Puzzle Games Of 2019 You Should Take A Look

Be ready to squeeze your mind with these amazing puzzle games. Take a look on top 10 puzzle games of 2019 – 10. Energy This puzzle game will challenge your brain and encourage your creativity by having you completing lighting circuits of bulbs, wires and lightning bolts. Game have lot of designs, art and metaphysics, …

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10 Top Racing Games For Android Users

Here’s the list of 10 top racing games for android users. Take a look – 10. Horizon chase Horizon Chase – World Tour is an arcade racing video game developed and published by Brazilian team Aquiris Game Studio. The game is for Android and iOS. Racing formula comes in the form of fuel pickup, which …

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10 Top Pc Games Every Gamer Should Play

10. Apex Legends Apex Legends is a battle royal game developed by Respawn Entertainment & published by Electronic Arts. It is for windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox one. The game is played in squads of three. Sixty players are stand against each other on an island in each match. Squad must have Scour for weapon …