10 Top Racing Games For Android Users

Here’s the list of 10 top racing games for android users.

Take a look –

10. Horizon chase

Top racing games
Horizon Chase
  • Horizon Chase – World Tour is an arcade racing video game developed and published by Brazilian team Aquiris Game Studio.
  • The game is for Android and iOS.
  • Racing formula comes in the form of fuel pickup, which requires to be achieved to complete the race.
  • The tokens that unlock new tracks and the use of nitro accelerate the player’s car.
  • There are various weather effects and track types that affect handling.

9. Death Rally

Best racing game
Death Rally
  • Death Rally is a video game developed by Remedy Entertainment, published by Apogee Software.
  • The game is for both Android and iOS.
  • Each car can be equipped with many upgrades which enhance protective capability, handling (tires) and speed (engine).
  • The six cars available from the weakest to the most vulnerable are Vagabond (early car), Dervish, Sentinel (which is the best car available in the shareware version), Shriekar, Wraith and Deliver.

8. Need For Speed: No Limit

best racing game
Need for speed: No limit
  • Need for Speed is a video game developed by Firemonkeys Studios and published by Electronic Arts .
  • The player should take part in the “Campaign Race“, “Car series race“, and “Rival race“.
  • If the player completes the event before the expiration of the event, then the player will be able to keep the car with the loan as a full reward.
  • Mostly all cars in the game can be customized with performance upgrades, with wheels, body-kits, widebody kits, paint jobs and rapps.

7. Thumb Drift

best racing game
Thumb Drift
  • The game is for Android and iOS.
  • In gameplay, the player drifts the car with different tracks.
  • The players on the track who can collect coins can collect.
  • These coins can be spent on buying new cars for the player to play the game.

6. CSR Racing 2

best racing game
CSR Racing 2
  • This game is developed by Boss Alien and published by NaturalMotion Games.
  • Game is for both Android and iOS.
  • In game mode, if the player wins the race, they are awarded the Boss’s car, where as if the player loses then they have to return the gold won by the last boss race.
  • The gaming screen focuses on the use of time gear changes and nitrous upgrade by tapping on screen.
  • The game has several other racing mode like “Daily Battle” and “Restriction Race”.

5. GT Racing 2

best racing game
GT Racing 2
  • This one is developed by Gameloft.
  • Game is for Android and iOS.
  • The game has online multiple modes and we can connect with Bluetooth and Wifi.
  • Game is quite similar to series of Asphalt.
  • The game contains 84 cars and upgraded trackes.

4. Real Racing 3

best racing game
Real Racing 3
  • It is developed by Firemonkeys Studios and published by Electronic Arts.
  • Game is for Android, iOS, Nvidia Shield, and Black Berry10.
  • Game has two types of currencies “Race dollars” and “Gold“.
  • Race dollar is also used to buy new cars.
  • Gold is used for purchasing new cars which we cannot buy through Race dollar, also to unlock the tiers, and buy new upgrads. This is the top racing games for android.

3. Hill Climb Racing

best racing game
Hill Climb Racing
  • This is developed and published by Fingersoft.
  • Game was developed over 100 million times after one year of launched.
  • The main purpose of the game is to collect coins while racing.
  • Consumption of gas or batteries for vehicles, even if you are not moving, which player can fill in the way.
  • Player can die in certain conditions, if they get out of gas or kill the head of incarnation on the ground or roof.

2. Asphalt Xtreme

best top second racing game
Asphalt Xtreme
  • The video game has a large number of rally cars, monster truck and snowy tracks and dirt.
  • There is a strong visual analogy for the Motorstorm video game series in the game design vehicles.
  • Vehicle gameplay mechanics also have an impact on the game light vehicles such as Buggy and rally car are normal aerodynamics and will easily pull the aerial stunts, while heavier vehicles such as trucks and SUVs struggle to do the same work and will result in lesser boost.

1. Asphalt 9: legends

top best racing game
Asphalt 9: Legends
  • It is developed by Gameloft Barcelona and published by Gameloft.
  • This game has new and improved features than older version.
  • It has 48 different cars in the game.
  • All cars required blueprint to ‘unlock’ the level.
  • It also has “nitro shockware”.
  • Game has 3 playing modes –
    • Carrer, Multiplayer and Events.
  • Asphalt 9 is for Android, iOS and PC users.
  • The visual are extremely smooth and fine.
  • Unlocking new car is depends on the blueprint that you collected during the race.
  • If you will make top 10 android games list, ASPHALT will always there.

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